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For over 24 years, Morgenroth Development has been providing a full-range of professional design and construction services throughout the San Francisco East Bay area.  We are excited to hear about your project needs.

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Commercial Studio 7 Remodel On Main

Studio 7 On Main

Commercial space allows the lifeblood of a local economy to flow throughout a region by providing a homebase for businesses to operate. Since this is where you and your employees spend a majority of your waking hours, our practice is to make your space as attractive, inviting, and functional as possible.


Residential Pleasanton Custom Built

Custom Built Queen Anne

Just as a community is a reflection of its homes, your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle. Rather than live in a house designed for a different era, your home — whether it be a new construction or an existing structure — can be personalized and every nook and cranny made useful for your family.

Outdoor Living

Showcase Outdoor Living Coleman Deck

Outdoor Deck

Take advantage of our mild Bay Area climate by incorporating your outdoor space into your everyday living space. With our knowledge of building materials and methods of construction, we can turn your property into an engaging, year-round living space where you can relax with your family after a hard day’s work.

Should You Move Or Improve Your Home?

Uncover answers to the difficult questions many people ask (or regretfully forget to ask) when dealing with the biggest investment of their life: their home. It’s time to get informed.

About Us

A “Turnkey Approach” to Custom Home Building, Commercial Property Construction, Tenant Improvements, Outdoor Living  and Design Build Projects.

We offer a full-range of professional design and construction services. We have a team of excellent craftsmen exercising the highest quality in all disciplines.  Our expertise in structure and code issues allow us to bridge any gap between design and construction. Our cost and time management skills never sacrifice the quality of our finished work.

Featured Projects

Commercial The Edge

The EDGE Pleasanton

To construct this new small group training area we first had to remove the cycle studio and stretching area, which included removing the ceiling. In its place we built an exposed, full-height…

Residential Pleasanton Remodel Ranchstyle

Pleasanton Home Renovation

In order to renovate this 1860s Heritage property in historic downtown Pleasanton, CA we needed to maintain its original facade while adding 1700 square feet to the rear of the house…

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