6 Ways to Make Your Home Staycation Ready

Are you approaching retirement? Have your children grown and have families of their own? Then it might be time to fun-ify your home and make it staycation ready. This Old House has posted “22 Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Staycation Resort.” Of these, we’ve selected our favorite outdoor ideas and made our own list of 6 Ways to Make Your Home Staycation Ready:

1: Outdoor Fire Area 

Whether you want a simple outdoor fire pit for roasting s’mores and telling stories or a full blown fireplace with a chimney and patio, outdoor fire areas bring the mountains and forests just a few steps away. Distance yourself from the troubles of the day and bring your family closer together any night of the week and any time of the year.

2: Outdoor Kitchen

Graduate from burgers on the grill with a full-fledged outdoor kitchen. Soon you’ll be making wood-fired pizzas, roasting turkeys, and even washing dishes in the comfort of your backyard. Enjoy the fresh air and the four seasons as you entertain guests or share a romantic dinner for two.

3: Outdoor Fountain/Pond

Cut out the neighborhood noise with a bubbling fountain or inspire wonder and curiosity with a koi pond. Your backyard will not only be staycation ready, it will be an oasis of serenity.

4: Backyard Deck

Blur the line between indoor and outdoor with a backyard deck. With proper shading and protection from the elements it can become an extension of your home for multipurpose use throughout the year.

5: Outdoor Reading Nook

For book lovers there’s nothing quite so romantic as reading a book outdoors, nestled up amongst the trees and greenery. Inspire your imagination with your own outdoor hideaway surrounded by your favorite books and foliage.

6: Porch Swing/Tire Swing

If you look up “relaxation” in the dictionary you’ll likely find a picture of a porch swing. Just add lemonade for a memorable and cherished conversation. For the more rambunctious a tire swing will do nicely, providing picturesque moments worthy of a staycation surrounded by loved ones and friends.

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